Friday, April 10, 2015

A Little About Myself

I have an etsy shop where I sell vintage sewing patterns, notions, attachments for your vintage sewing machine, sewing books, sewing machine manuals. My patterns are mostly factory folded and uncut. When I come across one that has been cut, I check to make sure all the pieces are in the envelope. If the envelope is torn, I mend it with mending tape. The tape is safe for pattern envelopes. I always ship my patterns in poly zip lock bags.

I will be posting to this blog with things I am selling. On etsy I am a member of a team called Pattern Patter Team. I will also be promoting other sellers from this team.

I will also post things of tutorials for all types of crafting. For instance, sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting, tatting and others.

I sew myself. I have several vintage sewing machines. It all started with the one my mother gave me. It's a Kenmore 158-850 from the 60's. It's in the original cabinet. My mother sewed my clothes on it when I was growing up. It only had one cam and I have been searching a long time for more and found some a few months ago. Boy I was so happy. I haven't tried them out yet. I have been really busy. I love to sew doll clothes, handbags, clothes for myself and my daughter, slippers, dog clothes, tissue covers, and anything else I see that I want to try. This past Halloween I made an Elsa gown and boy was that a challenge. But I got it done. It was beautiful. I don't have a picture of it. I must have deleted it.

I will be showing projects I have made, and I will post tutorials of my own on here sewing on one of my sewing machines. Sometimes I sew by hand, but that's so time consuming, so I use my machines the most.

Here is a list of my machines I have:

  1. 1949 Singer 201-2
  2. 1970's Singer Touch and Sew
  3. 1947 Singer Featherweight
  4. Brother Embroidery/Sewing
  5. Singer Serger (Fairly New)
  6. Dressmaker SWN 1000

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