Monday, October 19, 2015

First Steps Sewing Projects - Making Ironing Board Cover

I just found this great tutorial on how to make an ironing board cover. She has an accent and sometimes it's hard to understand her. You really have to pay close attention. I think she said for the elastic 28" and it looks like she is doing the 28" twice. That will make 56" total. I'm going to make one, but I am going to try to slow down the speed when I get to that part so I can understand the inches part for the elastic.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Small Dollar Tree Haul October 13, 2015

This is a video that I put on Youtube about a haul that I did at Dollar Tree.
Sometimes I do haul videos about great deals that I find. I decided maybe I would put them in my blog. Maybe some of you will be interested. Also, I come across some good crafting and sewing videos that I will start posting.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Amazon Craft Haul

This is a haul that I got from I bought crochet hooks, a doll clothes sewing book and a rotary cutter.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wow! More listings in my shop. I'm on a roll.

Wow! I've been busy today listing some sewing machine attachments and notions. I'm trying to get caught up on all the things I have to list. I need to stop buying things to list until I get caught up. But I go to an estate sale, yard sale or something and I see things that I know people would love to own. So then the items never seem to stay caught up. Oh well, maybe one day, I will have everything listed. Am I dreaming? Well, here are the items I listed today.

If your interested go to

Set of 44 clear bobbins flat on top and bottom

Singer Simanco 35996 5/64" Foot Hemmer Low Shank

Vintage Famous Buttonholer

Paper holder from the 1920's with a Aug Thomas Needle Threader and Dixon and Rands Sharps

Adjustable Hemmer

New Patterns added to my shop

Here are some of the patterns I added to my shop the other day. Take a look and go down memory lane.
Shop name is
Well Good Morning everyone. I hope your having a great start to your weekend, I'm off on a new adventure in my life. I am making pillowcase dresses for little girls in Africa. I have only made one so far. I have just started on this new adventure. I will be making more today. They are so easy to make. I found a pattern at Walmart from It So Easy Simplicity. It's just 2 pattern pieces. Easy pleasy. You cut 2 fabrics on the fold on each pattern piece. Sew the side seams up make a casing, pull ribbon through on the front casing and the back casing. Put a hem in and you have a dress. I will take you step by step with pictures and instructions below.

Christmas Doll Dress for my Granddaughter for Christmas

I made this cute dress for my Granddaughter for Christmas. My husband and I are giving her her first American Girl Doll. The doll's name is Grace. She's the doll of the year. This is the only thing she wants for Christmas. The fabric is left over from a dress I made her when she was 2 . That was 6 years ago. I saved this fabric all these years knowing one day I would find use for it. I made a lining for both bodice and skirt.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Crafty Blog I found on Pinterest. Positively Splendid

Here is a great tutorial for making a Portable Manicure and Pedicure Carrying Case. This tutorial takes you step by step with complete instructions. I found this on Pinterest and thought it was interesting to check out how to make this. Here is the blog address:

There are also other great tutorials on this blog. The name of the blog is Positively Splendid. Here is her blog address:

I subscribed to the blog, so I don't miss any tutorials.
She writes has tutorials on handmade crafts, sewing, gifts, kid friendly crafts. Also home and garden, holiday ideas, printables for holiday tags, cards, Here's one I really like Edible Scrabble Crackers, the letters are made from Cheez-its. Great idea.
I think I'm going to enjoy this blog. So go ahead and check it out.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I have a HUGE Announcement!! BIG NEWS!!

She's starting a new channel on youtube, and she's also having a giveaway.

Cailtin and Emmalin playing

My granddaughters are playing in the pool

Just an Update of What My Life has Been Like

I have been so busy since the last time I posted. My granddaughters have been over twice for a week at a time. I've been trying to get my sewing room cleaned. It's almost done. I have been sewing some. I made a skirt last night, and I have the top cut out that I am going to do. I may try to work on it later. I have been getting caught up on other sewing projects.
I went to the beach today with my granddaughters. It was hot, I didn't get in the water. Where we live we have 43 lakes. Some aren't beaches, some is where alligators live. I won't get around those areas. The beach I take them to has a playground. Really nice place to go. It's always clean. Has picnic tables, benches to sit on and watch the children. Today I sat in the car some with the ac on. I also took them to a diner for lunch. They have been here since last Wednsday. They are going home tomorrow. I'm taking them on a train to go home. They love the train. It's about 2 hours. I also like the train. It only cost $11 for each child, and $23 for me one way. I'll stay at my daughters house overnight and go home the next day.
Other than that there's not much more. Oh yeah, I played the piano for a whole church service last Sunday. The piano player is on vacation, so the fill in couldn't do it last week, so the pastor asked me if I would do it. Everyone said I did great, and the pastor was happy and said he is going to get me to fill in again. I said please give me a month notice. I have never done that before and I was terrified. I wasn't so nervous until I walked in the church, and then it felt like every nerve in my body was shaking. I was so glad when it was over.
Well I'm going to take pictures of my clean room real soon, so be looking out for that. I am going to post some projects I have been sewing.
Until next time, have a great summer, and enjoy the sewing projects you are or going to work on.

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Good morning everyone. I haven't been blogging much lately, due to being so busy. I have an Etsy store where I sell vintage sewing patterns, notions and more. I have been real busy adding product. I have been busy this past week fixing a banner that hangs in my church. The letters have turned a light brown, so I got some white fabric and now it has brightened up the banner. I was looking at the others we have hanging, and they need a makeover also. Maybe one day I will do each one. Right now I am going to take a break.

So I have been working on my sewing room getting it cleaned up. I have accomplished a lot. I am not completely done. When I am I will post pictures for you to see what I have done. I have finally cleaned off the area where my Babylock Ellure Plus is suppose to go. It's back in it's place. I took it off  because I had to get it fixed. I was fixing a sweater and the sweater jammed it up. Matter of fact it broke the bobbin case. I will never do that again. I have vintage machine I will sew that kind of material on.  I have it set up for embroidery. I think that's the way I'm going to use the machine for now on.

Today is going to be a busy day for me. I am going to list more patterns in my shop, clean the living room and if I have time I think I will make some soap. Yes I make my own soap. A couple of weeks ago I learned how to make lotion. It's a little greasy, so next time I won't add as much oils. But I love it. Especially as a hand cream. It works better as a hand cream. My hands feel so soft. I love it. I used lavender essential oil as my fragrance. It smells so nice. My next batch of soap is going to hopefully look like a piano keyboard with a music note embedded. I have never done that type of soap before, so I am excited about trying it out.

Well, I guess I'll stop for now and get started with my chores. Stop by my shop and check out what I have. I'm planning a 4th of July sale. so be on the lookout for that if you like vintage anything for sewing. I also have a few embroidery kits and hoops in my shop. Have a great day, and God bless!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Sewing Room

I have been so busy cleaning my sewing room. It's a mess. So my husband said he would clear part of the garage to store my non sewing crafts. That way I will have more room to store my sewing supplies. I haven't been sewing as much lately, because I can't stand sewing in a room that is cluttered and messy. I feel like my sewing pleasure is interrupted. Here is a picture of my room now.

Here are some photos of what I have accomplished so far.

 When I get it all cleaned up I will update this post with a new picture of my beautiful organized sewing room. I can't wait. I have thought about how to do this for a couple of months now.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Little About Myself

I have an etsy shop where I sell vintage sewing patterns, notions, attachments for your vintage sewing machine, sewing books, sewing machine manuals. My patterns are mostly factory folded and uncut. When I come across one that has been cut, I check to make sure all the pieces are in the envelope. If the envelope is torn, I mend it with mending tape. The tape is safe for pattern envelopes. I always ship my patterns in poly zip lock bags.

I will be posting to this blog with things I am selling. On etsy I am a member of a team called Pattern Patter Team. I will also be promoting other sellers from this team.

I will also post things of tutorials for all types of crafting. For instance, sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting, tatting and others.

I sew myself. I have several vintage sewing machines. It all started with the one my mother gave me. It's a Kenmore 158-850 from the 60's. It's in the original cabinet. My mother sewed my clothes on it when I was growing up. It only had one cam and I have been searching a long time for more and found some a few months ago. Boy I was so happy. I haven't tried them out yet. I have been really busy. I love to sew doll clothes, handbags, clothes for myself and my daughter, slippers, dog clothes, tissue covers, and anything else I see that I want to try. This past Halloween I made an Elsa gown and boy was that a challenge. But I got it done. It was beautiful. I don't have a picture of it. I must have deleted it.

I will be showing projects I have made, and I will post tutorials of my own on here sewing on one of my sewing machines. Sometimes I sew by hand, but that's so time consuming, so I use my machines the most.

Here is a list of my machines I have:

  1. 1949 Singer 201-2
  2. 1970's Singer Touch and Sew
  3. 1947 Singer Featherweight
  4. Brother Embroidery/Sewing
  5. Singer Serger (Fairly New)
  6. Dressmaker SWN 1000

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