Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wow! More listings in my shop. I'm on a roll.

Wow! I've been busy today listing some sewing machine attachments and notions. I'm trying to get caught up on all the things I have to list. I need to stop buying things to list until I get caught up. But I go to an estate sale, yard sale or something and I see things that I know people would love to own. So then the items never seem to stay caught up. Oh well, maybe one day, I will have everything listed. Am I dreaming? Well, here are the items I listed today.

If your interested go to www.etsy.com/vintagesewingshoppe

Set of 44 clear bobbins flat on top and bottom

Singer Simanco 35996 5/64" Foot Hemmer Low Shank

Vintage Famous Buttonholer

Paper holder from the 1920's with a Aug Thomas Needle Threader and Dixon and Rands Sharps

Adjustable Hemmer

New Patterns added to my shop

Here are some of the patterns I added to my shop the other day. Take a look and go down memory lane.
Shop name is www.etsy.com/Vintagesewingshoppe
Well Good Morning everyone. I hope your having a great start to your weekend, I'm off on a new adventure in my life. I am making pillowcase dresses for little girls in Africa. I have only made one so far. I have just started on this new adventure. I will be making more today. They are so easy to make. I found a pattern at Walmart from It So Easy Simplicity. It's just 2 pattern pieces. Easy pleasy. You cut 2 fabrics on the fold on each pattern piece. Sew the side seams up make a casing, pull ribbon through on the front casing and the back casing. Put a hem in and you have a dress. I will take you step by step with pictures and instructions below.

Christmas Doll Dress for my Granddaughter for Christmas

I made this cute dress for my Granddaughter for Christmas. My husband and I are giving her her first American Girl Doll. The doll's name is Grace. She's the doll of the year. This is the only thing she wants for Christmas. The fabric is left over from a dress I made her when she was 2 . That was 6 years ago. I saved this fabric all these years knowing one day I would find use for it. I made a lining for both bodice and skirt.