Sunday, July 5, 2015

Just an Update of What My Life has Been Like

I have been so busy since the last time I posted. My granddaughters have been over twice for a week at a time. I've been trying to get my sewing room cleaned. It's almost done. I have been sewing some. I made a skirt last night, and I have the top cut out that I am going to do. I may try to work on it later. I have been getting caught up on other sewing projects.
I went to the beach today with my granddaughters. It was hot, I didn't get in the water. Where we live we have 43 lakes. Some aren't beaches, some is where alligators live. I won't get around those areas. The beach I take them to has a playground. Really nice place to go. It's always clean. Has picnic tables, benches to sit on and watch the children. Today I sat in the car some with the ac on. I also took them to a diner for lunch. They have been here since last Wednsday. They are going home tomorrow. I'm taking them on a train to go home. They love the train. It's about 2 hours. I also like the train. It only cost $11 for each child, and $23 for me one way. I'll stay at my daughters house overnight and go home the next day.
Other than that there's not much more. Oh yeah, I played the piano for a whole church service last Sunday. The piano player is on vacation, so the fill in couldn't do it last week, so the pastor asked me if I would do it. Everyone said I did great, and the pastor was happy and said he is going to get me to fill in again. I said please give me a month notice. I have never done that before and I was terrified. I wasn't so nervous until I walked in the church, and then it felt like every nerve in my body was shaking. I was so glad when it was over.
Well I'm going to take pictures of my clean room real soon, so be looking out for that. I am going to post some projects I have been sewing.
Until next time, have a great summer, and enjoy the sewing projects you are or going to work on.

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